Welcome to the Ultimate Blog Party! #UBP14

I’m so excited to be attending my first Ultimate Blog Party! Thanks for stopping by The Super Mommy Club today, I hope you’ll pull up a chair and stay a while, your feet must be tired from all that blog hopping!

Welcome to The Super Mommy Club

My name is Clare and I live in the south west of England with my hubby of 9 years and my two scrumptious toddler twins. Miss E is the eldest (by 2 minutes) and the smallest (by 3 pounds) and she likes to think that she rules the roost around here and throws the most amazing tantrums when she doesn’t get her own way! Master J is very laid back in comparison, but woe betide anyone who gets between him and his new wellington boots!

My blog is pretty new but I’m having a stack of fun meeting new friends and trying to get it off the ground. I blog about our adventures, the learning activities we do, the crafts we make and the recipes I’d love to cook if only I had the time!

Here are a few things you don’t know about me:

  • I have three college degrees – unfortunately none of them covered the practicalities of parenting!
  • I’m a bestselling author of two books about Disney World – yes I’m a little obsessed with that place.
  • I may have a slight addiction to Pinterest – but then who doesn’t these days?
  • I love to watch Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds and the Amazing Race.
  • If you asked me to choose I’d always pick Pacey over Dawson
  • I watched every single episode of Lost and then wished I’d never seen the ending because it made it all sort of pointless!

When I’m not here writing I’m hanging out on Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Thanks again for stopping by, I hope you’ll take some time to have a look around and definitely leave me a comment so I can come and visit your little home on the interweb too!

Now tell me one thing I don’t know about you…

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  • http://www.mcmamasays.com Rebekah {McMama}

    Oooooh, I know just what you mean about LOST. I felt exactly the same way.

    I need to find out more about your Disney books. We’re hoping to go before the boys are much older and I want to be as prepared as possible.

    So glad I found your blog! :)

    • http://www.supermommyclub.com Clare

      I’m so glad it wasn’t just me on the Lost thing. I think they should have quit while they were ahead instead of dragging it on for so long!

      I’m working on an update to my book at the moment – it’s taking a while – but when it’s done I’ll send you over a copy!

  • http://www.parentingwithresearch.com Jessica

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I miss when my b/g twins were that age! I can’t wait to read more on your blog. :)

    • http://www.supermommyclub.com Clare

      Hi Jessica – in that case maybe I should stop wishing they’d grow up quick! I don’t really want them too, I’d just like to get to the talking stage so there’d be less frustration all round.

  • http://ialwaysbelievedinfutures.com Bex Smith

    Ooh, yay! Another UK blogger :) We are planning to take our son to Disney World in the next year or two so I will be sure to check out your books!

    • http://www.supermommyclub.com Clare

      I think we’re few and far between so it’s always lovely to stubble across another mum from this side of the pond!

  • http://mysocalledmommylife.com Renee @ My So-Called Mommy Life

    Stopping by from UBP14! So nice to meet you! I loved Pacey too and actually met him many moons ago when he was in Toronto shooting first cover of Teen People Magazine!

    • http://www.supermommyclub.com Clare

      Renee you can colour me green with envy! I would love to meet him, I thought it was just a teenage crush until I watched Fringe and realised it was an adulthood crush too! Shh don’t tell my hubby lol

  • http://www.jenerallyinformed.com/ Jenerally Informed

    Your twins are the cutest! love your tidbits about you. I watched Lost for the first 2 seasons and then just “lost” interest. It dragged, I went online to see how it ended and was kind of glad I had stopped. Linking up via the UBP14!

    • http://www.supermommyclub.com Clare

      Hi Jen – thanks so much for stopping by to visit, and for your kind words on my kiddos. I’m having a blast at the party meeting so many new people!

  • http://www.adisneymomsthoughts.com Beth~ A Disney Mom’s Thoughts

    Hey from #UBP14! I’m so glad I found you through this party! What a great site. I also wish I had a kindle so I could get your books! I loved getting the sneak peek through Amazon! I’ve added them to my wish list in case I ever get a Kindle! :)

    • http://www.supermommyclub.com Clare

      You don’t need a kindle Beth – you can read Kindle books using an app on any device, your PC, tablet or smartphone! Don’t buy them though, I’m working on an update and when it’s done I’m going to need some lovely people to send review copies to!

      • http://www.adisneymomsthoughts.com Beth~ A Disney Mom’s Thoughts

        Clare! That’s awesome! I do have an iPad… I had no idea kindle books would work on my iPad!! I’d LOVE to review your books and help you promote them with my readers and followers!! Please be in touch! :) I’m glad we’ve been able to connect through UBP14!

  • http://simplesojourns.com/ Cathi

    Hi Clare!
    Good to “meet” you! We have more than a few things in common. We like the same TV shows and I too liked Pacey over Dawson which I watched with my daughter who was a teen at the time. I’ve been in your lovely country a few times and love it! My husband lived in London many years ago for a short while and we love to visit. Thanks for stopping by to party!! Happy UBP!!

    • http://www.supermommyclub.com Clare

      Shall I confess that I have all of the episodes on DVD and that when my daughter is old enough I’m going to make her watch them with me? ;)

  • http://www.beautythroughimperfection.com paula

    Nice to meet you through the hop! Your comment about lost made me laugh! That ending annoyed me too! Almost made me want to re-watch it all to see if i missed something…but I haven’t done that yet.

    • http://www.supermommyclub.com Clare

      Oh Paula I don’t think I could watch it all again, it went on and on and while I enjoyed it the first time it’s one programme I don’t want to watch again. Thinking about it they never do reruns of it on television either!

  • http://www.cindyandjana.com Cindy

    Hi Clare, Its my first UBP too! So many great blogs to be discovered.
    Look forward to reading about your life with Miss E and Master J.

    • http://www.supermommyclub.com Clare

      Hi Cindy – thanks for stopping by. Every time someone says it’s their first party I think of little Gretyl in the Sound of Music! Love that film :)

  • http://www.torontoteachermom.com Diana @ Toronto Teacher Mom

    Hi Clare! So nice to e-meet you. You have a lovely blog and your children are utterly adorable! I’m a huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy myself, but I haven’t watching much lately since we canceled our TV service.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog and hope you enjoy the rest of the Ultimate Blog Party 2014!

    • http://www.supermommyclub.com Clare

      Hi Diana – thank you so much for your kind comments. I’m not sure what I’d do if we had no television, although to be fair I don’t watch half as much now as I used to in the days before we had children!

  • http://www.talesofmommyhood.com ashley p

    Hi Clare,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my party! Lovely to come visit yours. I am also a huge fan of Greys anatomy and the amazing race, and also would have chosen pacey over dawson (well, not right away…but by season 3) Cannot wait to get to know you more!

    • http://www.supermommyclub.com Clare

      Hi Ashley – if memory serves I think it took me a while to warm to Pacey too!

  • http://www.21stcenturyhousewife.com/ April @ The 21st Century Housewife

    It’s lovely to ‘meet’ you, Clare. Thank you for your visit to my blog. I was already following you on Twitter but am now following you on FB, Pinterest and G+. Gorgeous photograph of your twins :-)

    • http://www.supermommyclub.com Clare

      Hi April – thank you so much for stopping by. I think I’m following you everywhere else too! That photo was taken on Christmas day and is one of a handful I have of the two of them where they’re both in focus!

  • http://adenaf.com AdenaF

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting. I live about an hour and a half away from Disney and would you believe I’ve only been there three times? I usually get season passes for Busch Gardens or Universal, mainly because my kids are mostly older and love the bigger roller coasters. I’m also addicted to Pinterest, love Criminal Minds, watched all of Lost except the last season, but I must confess – I have no idea who are these Pacey and Dawson you speak of? :)

    • http://www.supermommyclub.com Clare

      I can believe that Adena – I know quite a few ‘locals’ prefer Universal, but my heart lies with Disney. You’re missing out if you’ve never heard of Dawson and Pacey – they were in a series from the 90s called Dawsons Creek. Here’s a video for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6yroSDOjDs

  • http://www.staciesayzso.com Stacie

    What cute twins! So good to meet you! Hope you are having a great time during #UBP14!

    • http://www.supermommyclub.com Clare

      It’s been a really fun party hasn’t it. I’m just hoping I manage to get to meet everyone before it ends!

  • http://www.TheMamaZone.com Anitra

    What an awesome picture! Happy #UBP14 and thanks for stopping by my place!

  • http://www.puresugar.net Carol

    Clare, thanks for stopping by my blog! It is great “meeting” you and I look forward to getting to know you better :-)

  • http://exploraworld.org/blog Kennedy

    Hi Clare! What cute kiddies you have! Looks like we have a few things in common too–the Lost connection as well as degrees that have nothing to do with parenting, lol! I’m glad we connected and hope to get to know you better. Have a great day!

  • http://spaglo.blogspot.com/2014/04/join-me-for-this-years-ultimate-blog.html Anna Pietrocola

    Hi Claire– I’m stopping by from #UBP14. I am a newbie to blogging and to the blog party too. Nice blog! I am a mom and have my own business. Stop by my blog (http://spaglo.blogspot.com/201… & Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/spagl… if you get a chance. Have a great day!

  • http://www.boogersareyucky.com Lizzie Lau

    Hello from Southern California. I’m still slowly making the #UBP14 rounds, and joyfully collecting new friends and co-bloggers. I’m clicking through to your fb page next. Cheers!

    • http://www.supermommyclub.com Clare

      Hi Lizzie – I can’t believe how many people were at the party – I’m still not done visiting everyone! I hope you had fun.