Sensory Play for Toddlers: Cotton Wool Balls

Teeth are causing my babies to be temperamental again today so I needed something to distract them and hadn’t prepared anything. I had some muffin trays on the kitchen counter and a bag of cotton wool balls which hadn’t been put away so we had some impromptu sensory play.

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I gave Miss E and Master J a small pot with 6 cotton wool balls in and showed them how to drop the balls into the tray one at a time.

They both attempted this straight away, though Master J pulled a face every time he touched the cotton wool!

After the one-to-one correspondence play with the muffin tin I showed them how to blow the cotton wool balls across the table. They thought this was awesome but unfortunately neither has mastered blowing out yet so I had to do this repeatedly until my cheeks ached and I had to think of something else to do with the cotton wool!

Next we each balanced a cotton wool ball on our heads which took some practice.

Finally I gave them am empty box with holes in and they put the balls though the holes.

Miss E liked to squash the balls into a plastic container and wanted extra balls to see how many she could fit in.

Master J turned his muffin tin upside down and squished the cotton wool into the gaps.

This activity generated lots of giggles and kept them occupied for about half an hour or so. I’m adding it to the list of activities to do again another day.

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