You have to CHECK OUT these secret entrances to Disney World - so you can get in ahead of the crowd and save time!

The Best Kept Secret Entrances to Disney World Parks

If you’ve been reading the rest of my Disney World Secrets series you’ll know that one thing I hate doing on my Disney World vacation is standing in long lines. And that includes getting into the parks themselves as well as the attractions.

If you want to maximise your enjoyment and minimise the time you spend in line you need to get to the parks at least 15 minutes before the scheduled opening time (earlier still during busy periods), but even then you will be confronted with lines at the turnstiles.

Use these tips to make sure you’re one of the first visitors through the door so you can make your way to your first attraction ahead of the pack!

Printing these Disney World tips out - they're going to save me a ton of time!
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You have to CHECK OUT these secret entrances to Disney World - so you can get in ahead of the crowd and save time!

Secret Entrances to Disney World

All Parks – Bag Check

Disney World Bag Check Tips
To pass through Bag Check as quickly as possible make sure you use BOTH sides of the table.

There’s no way to get around the Bag Check, it is there to keep us all safe. However you can save time by being prepared, and keeping your eyes open.

  1. As you approach the security check area don’t just follow the people in front of you, look to see if there are any empty tables, or shorter lines to the left and right. Each Security Guard has one table, but guests can pass through using both sides of the table.
  2. If people are only lining up to the right side of a table you are quite welcome to walk towards the left side. If people shoot you angry looks just keep going, they may well just follow in behind you! All is fair in love and bag checks I say.
  3. If you have a number of bags with you give one to each member of your party, it’s much quicker to have one bag searched.
  4. If you have any zips or fastening on the bags undo them as you stand in line. The Security Guard will want to look in EVERY compartment.
  5. If you have items in the bottom of a stroller they can stay there as long as it is easy for the Guard to rummage through the basket to check the contents.
  6. Family sized coolers are allowed into the parks so you don’t need to worry about your snacks or lunch being confiscated.
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Saving this one for later - these secret entrances to Disney World are going to save us a ton of time!

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