Rainbow Birthday Cakes | Girls | Boys | Ombre | Frosting

Rainbow Birthday Cakes for Girls

Rainbow Birthday Cakes for Girls

These Rainbow Birthday Cakes for Girls are the perfect way to brighten up a birthday party. We have everything from Ombre designs to My Little Pony.

These bunting flags are super cute!

Rainbow Birthday Cake for Girls - Bunting | Flags | Chevron Cake

The perfect rainbow birthday cake for a My Little Pony fan!

Rainbow Birthday Cake | My Little Pony Cake

Add some rainbow macaroons for the ultimate rainbow cake

Rainbow | Birthday Cake | Macaroons | Chocolate

Cover your cake in rainbow frosting and don’t forget the sprinkles!

Rainbow Birthday Cake | Rainbow Frosting | Ombre Cake

Don’t forget the rainbow on top of your cake!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cake | Sprinkles | Clouds | Birthday Cake

This rainbow cake is dripping with yummy icing and sweets

Rainbow Cake | Birthday | Party Rings | Unicorn | Drip Cake

Rainbow twirls and My Little Ponies

My Little Pony Birthday Cake | Rainbow Cake | Personalized

The perfect rainbow cake for a first birthday party

First Birthday Cake | Rainbow | Tiers | Personalized

You can bake this rainbow cake in less than one hour!

Magical Garden Cake | Birthday Cake | Girls | Rainbow | Easy

Super easy rainbow poke cake

Rainbow Cake | Poke Cake | Easy | Birthday | Jello Cake

This Smartie covered cake will have the kids jumping for joy

Rainbow Birthday Cake | Smarties Cake | Girl

Sometimes simple is the way to go

Birthday Cake | Modern | Rainbow | Kids | Girls

Rainbow cakes can be pastel too

Pastel Rainbow Birthday Cake | Ruffles | Butterflies

Rainbow Birthday Cakes | Girls | Boys | Ombre | Frosting