Potty Training Seats: 5 Ways to Make Toilet Training Less Stressful!

Potty Training Seats to Help Make Toilet Training Easier

When your child is old enough to start using a grown up toilet they might find that the seat is just too uncomfortable (or they’re worried about falling down the hole!) and that is where potty training seats come into play.

We’ve been researching the different seat options that are available on Amazon and picked out the best seats to share with you today so you can simply order the one that’s most suitable for your child and get on with the rest of your task list!

1. Potty Training Steps

This padded potty seat with step stool will give your child the confidence they need to use the toilet by themselves.

There is a step to help them climb and a comfortable padded seat to sit on. Holding onto the handles takes away the fear that they might fall in!

When it’s not being used the unit folds up nicely so you can easily store it away until next time.

Potty Training StepsCheck the price

2. Kid’s Toilet Training Ring for Boys or Girls

If your child is tall enough to sit on the toilet by themselves but finds an adult seat uncomfortable this toilet training ring is one of the best selling potty training seats on Amazon right now.

It has a comfortable non-slip surface to sit on so little bottoms are happy to stay put for as long as it takes, a splash guard for boys and it’s easy to clean. There’s also an integrated hook so you can hang it up out of the way until next time it’s needed.

As you can see it’s not covered in picture of children’s tv characters like a lot of the seats you see, but that’s a positive because it will make the transition so much easier when they outgrow it and you need to take it away.

If your child isn’t quite tall enough to stand at the sink to wash their hands then you can order this child’s step stool at the same time and save 10% using the code COZYPAIR.

Kid's Toilet Training Ring for Boys or GirlsCheck the price

3. Potty Ring for Boys and Girls

If your child has a contoured potty chair with high sides they might prefer that same experience when using the toilet and this potty ring from Fisher-Price should help them feel more confident.

It’s perfect for younger children, or for kids with additional needs who are small for their age, just be aware that as they grow and their bottoms get bigger the seat will become uncomfortable and you’ll need to look for a more standard potty training seat like the ones we have already mentioned.

Potty Ring for Boys and GirlsCheck the price

4. Integrated Child Toilet Seat

If you don’t want the hassle of putting a child seat on and off the toilet all day check out this integrated toilet seat from Mayfair.

While you are toilet training your child you simply remove your existing toilet seat and lid and replace it with this one. Adults lift the lid and the child seat out of the way to use it (there is a strong magnet to hold the child seat up) and then you pull down the child seat when it’s needed.

It also has slow close hinges so you don’t need to worry about your child making a noise slamming the lid or having their little fingers getting trapped.

If you have an elongated toilet and have been struggling to find a potty training seat to fit then this is your answer because you can buy a seat specifically designed for elongated toilets, or a traditional round seat.

It comes in three colour options too (white, biscuit and bone) so you can choose the one that fits in with your bathroom colour scheme.

Integrated Child Toilet SeatCheck the price

5. Toilet Nightlight

This isn’t a seat at all, but it sure does make potty training at night a whole lot more fun! It’s a motion sensor nightlight that fits right inside the toilet!

It’s easy to attach to the inside of the toilet bowl and it changes colour so you don’t have to worry about your child stumbling around and missing the toilet because it’s dark!

Toilet NightlightCheck the price

Toilet training a child is so stressful - especially when they are scared of falling in! These potty training seats are a great way to overcome that fear!

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