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MindSmart – New App Release that's Perfect for Moms and Mom Bloggers

Have you seen the announcement about the new revolutionary Smartphone App yet? It’s called MindSmart and I am so excited about it, because it’s just perfect for us Mom Bloggers, well Moms in general really.

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Have you heard about the new smartphone app that’s due for release? It’s called MindSmart and I am so excited about it, because it’s just perfect for us Mom Bloggers, well Moms in general really.

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Have you ever found yourself up with your kids in the middle of the night, perhaps they’re nursing or they just can’t sleep and need you to sit in their room for comfort. I was doing just that a few nights this past week as Master J is cutting some molars and it’s been waking him up at all times of the night.

As I was sitting on the glider chair in his room I found myself “writing” new blog posts in my head. I’m sure you have done the same, you work out exactly what you would write in a post, and it sounds awesome, and then the next day when you’re actually sitting at a computer to write you just can’t quite conjure up the same awesomeness that your middle-of-the-night brain could create.

I’ve worked through complaint and thank you letters I need to write, and things that must be added to my to do list, only to forget them in the light of day, or not actually have time to sit down and write the words down.


I’ve often found myself wishing that I could use telepathy to capture these thoughts on my iPhone. And that is why I am so excited by this new announcement, because they’ve actually managed to bring that wish to life!

They’re launching a new app called MindSmart, and with it you can capture things on your Android or Apple smartphones just by thinking them.

Oh Boy!

All you need to do is make sure you have your phone in the same room as you, think “MindSmart” and then you are in control of all the apps on your phone via your thoughts. You can use Evernote to write that blog post, or Notes to capture that thank you letter, or access your to do list to write down what you need to buy from the store. You can even control your music just by thinking of the track you want to listen to.

They’re just ironing out a few last minute bugs and then the release date will be announced and I for one cannot wait to get the MindSmart app on my phone, my productivity is going to go through the roof!


What about you? What will you use the MindSmart app for when you’re awake in the middle of the night? Can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

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    • 😉

      I’ve been wishing for this tech for so long now I thought it would make the perfect April Fool! Now I’m off to read your review of Center Parcs because I fancy taking the kids there one day.

  • You are a true nut, but in the most awesome of ways. This would be a great app for sure, but it’d also be REALLY scary to have technology really be able to do that. (It makes me think of the chip being stored in humans actually coming to life.)

    This is a great April Fools post though.

    • Hi Crystal – so glad you liked it! We probably would need a chip implanted in us somewhere to make it work wouldn’t we. It would be fabulous to be able to control things with our minds though…

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