Gun safety tips for parents – Lock up your guns #iftheyfindit

A report published earlier this year showed that each year in the US more than 7,000 children and teenagers are hospitalised or killed by guns. That’s around 20 a day, and it’s too many.

More startling perhaps is that 3,000 children die before they even reach the emergency room. Injuries caused by guns are not minor, they include brain and spinal injuries so even if the child survives the chances are they will have life long health problems following the incident.

Half of the incidents were as a result of an assault on the child or teen, but in children under ten, 75% of injuries were as a result of an accident.

And accidents can be prevented if you take the right steps in your home, and ensure your friends and family do the same.

Are your guns locked up away from your kids?

Evolve estimate that there are 1.4 million homes in the US that have guns stored in a way that they are easily accessible by children. The advice from the American Academy of Paediatrics is that all homes with children should be gun free to eliminate the risk, but if a gun must be kept at home then it should be stored unloaded and separate from the ammunition in two locked storage cabinets.

Read our disclosure policyIf you have a gun in your home then you need to invest in a gun safe. They’re readily available from stores like Amazon and are not all that expensive, certainly not when a child’s life is at stake.

Take a look at this Stack-ON drawer safe which has an electronic lock, or the Gunvault Microvault pistol safe. Don’t forget that you need to have one safe for your firearm and one for your ammunition as they should not be stored together, and the safe must be locked at all times.

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Evolve are campaigning for parents to lock up their guns to keep kids safe, and you can find out more about the campaign right here.

Just remember, if they find it, they will play with it…


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