Homemade Southern Soul Food Recipes for Kids: Perfect for Fall Dinners

Homemade Southern Soul Food Recipes for Kids: Perfect for Fall Dinners

The nights are drawing in and the weather is getting cooler, and in our house that means we start cooking up some delicious comfort food recipes! Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing some wonderful recipes with you that you can incorporate into your Fall meal plans, starting today with some homemade Southern Soul food recipes for kids.

These Southern Cooking Soul Food Recipes are perfect for Fall dinners

Homemade Southern Soul Food Recipes for Kids

  1. When I think of comfort food I think of pasta oozing with tomato and cheese, which is why this Baked ziti with sausage recipe caught my eye. In fact I made it for dinner on Saturday and it was delicious!
  2. I’m a big fan of bacon on my burgers but I have never had it on a Hot Dog before, looks like that could change thanks to Sommer’s Southern comfort bacon Hot Dog with slaw and beans recipe.
  3. Robyn’s black eyed peas had to be in clouded in the list because as she says they are “one of the most comforting, amazing dishes in southern history“!
  4. This tasty Tex-Mex potato bake looks like the perfect way to warm up on a crisp Fall evening.
  5. And of course, you can’t get through Fall without a hearty Slow cooker beef stew.
  6. If all this comfort food has you worrying about your weight you should check out this bacon smokin’ macaroni and cheese which has all of the flavour with less of the calories.
  7. Nothing says southern comfort like bourbon right, so put the kids to bed and then enjoy this oven-fried southern chicken with sweet honey bourbon sauce.
  8. If you’re making chicken or fish and want something different on the side check out this recipe for hush puppies.
  9. If you’re a fan of brisket you won’t want to miss this chopped beef sandwich with a spicy barbecue sauce.
  10. I was always baffled by chicken fried steak when I saw it on the dinner menu, but now I know what it is I’m definitely prepared to give these chicken fried steak fingers a try.
  11. How do you make a Southern cheese burger? By using pimento cheese of course!
  12. I love sliders, there’s just something about them being practically bite sized that makes them so much more tasty. And these fried green tomatoes and shrimp sliders look delicious.
  13. If you’ve never mixed friend chicken with a waffle before then you need to check out these fried chicken and waffle sandwiches, they are going on my meal plan for next week!
  14. The great thing about chilli and cornbread is you can cook up a huge batch and freeze it. So on those crisp Fall days when you’d rather be out playing in the leaves with the kids than cooking dinner you have a quick and easy option.
  15. If you’re a fan of the 5:2 diet then this butter bean and chorizo stew with tomatoes is perfect for you.
  16. And here’s another secretly healthy baked Mac n’ Cheese to help you cut back on those calories.
  17. And then of course we have to include a delicious meatloaf, especially when it’s dripping with a sweet glaze to keep it moist and tasty.
  18. I’m a big fan of buttermilk biscuits so when I saw this recipe for chicken pot pie with biscuits I knew it had to make the list.
  19. And then of course there is the iconic dish of the south: brunswick stew
  20. Here’s another healthy option that can be cooked in less than 15 minutes: kielbasa, pepper, onion and potato hash
  21. And because we couldn’t have a Southern Comfort Food roundup without including a recipe from the Pioneer Woman hop over and check out her classic pot pie recipe.
  22. If you want to bring the southern comfort to brunch or lunch time you will not want to miss this awesome Monte Cristo sandwich.
  23. And because I love sausages and pasta so much I’m throwing in another spicy sausage pasta recipe.
  24. Do you love 30 minute dinners, one pot recipes, mac n’ cheese and chilli? Well then this one pot chilli mac and cheese was made for you!
  25. And finally let’s finish up with a chicken enchiladas with sour cream white sauce recipe that even the pickiest child will love to eat.
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Southern Comfort Food Cookbooks

If you didn’t find what you were looking for in our Homemade Southern Soul Food Recipes for Kids collection, or you love Soul Food so much you want to serve it as often as you can treat yourself to one of these cookbooks. They make great Christmas gifts too!

  1. Cooking with Love: Comfort Food that Hugs You
  2. In the Kitchen with David
  3. Southern Living Comfort Food
  4. Southern Plate: Classic Comfort Food that Makes Everyone Feel Like Family

Cooking with LoveCooking with LoveIn the Kitchen with DavidIn the Kitchen with DavidSouthern Living Comfort FoodSouthern Living Comfort FoodSouthern PlateSouthern Plate

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These Homemade Southern Soul Food Recipes for Kids are perfect for Fall dinners

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