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Make Ahead Freezer Meals Recipes – One Whole Month of Homemade Meals With No Repeats!

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Are you always in a panic as dinner time approaches trying to rustle up something for the family to eat?

How would you like to spend one afternoon a week, or even a month, preparing meals ahead of time, so that you can just grab something from the freezer, defrost it and serve up a home cooked meal without the panic?

Sound good? Keep reading because we’re going to let you know how you can make one whole month of make ahead freezer meals recipes in five simple steps!

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Step 1: What You Need to Prepare these Make Ahead Freezer Meals

Before you jump in and start to make your own freezer meals you need to make sure you have some freezer-safe supplies.

You don’t want to skimp on these things, because poor quality or inappropriate packaging can actually spoil your food.

There’s no point spending a day preparing food for the rest of the month if you then end up eating takeaway every night because everything got freezer burn right?

Freezer Meal Containers

Our readers LOVE these foil pansOur readers LOVE these foil pans
Our readers LOVE these foil pans for preparing their freezer meals.

They are 9×13 and about 2 inches deep and are made of a much sturdier foil than the ones you can pick up at the dollar store.

Good Quality Freezer Bags

Don't skimp on freezer bag quality because your food will suffer!Don’t skimp on freezer bag quality because your food will suffer!

Don’t spend hours preparing food for your freezer only to skimp on the freezer bags because your food will just get freezer burn and taste horrible.

We love these freezer bags from Ziplock because they are designed to live in your freezer, and they have a super tight seal so you can push all of the air out before you close them up.

Freezer Bag Holders

Hands up if you'd like an extra pair of hands in the kitchen!Hands up if you’d like an extra pair of hands in the kitchen!

The downside of using freezer bags is that they’re a pain in the butt to try to fill them as they fall over quite easily.

Which is why you need one of these AWESOME gadgets! It’s literally like having an extra pair of hands (and how many times have you wished for that!!) in the kitchen.

Just clip the bag into the holder and then fill it up quickly and easily. We like the four packs so that you can fill four bags at once, production line style!

A Mini Food Processor

This mini food processor can speed up your food prepThis mini food processor can speed up your food prep

You don’t NEED a food processor to batch cook, but it saves a heck of a lot of time, and that’s what we’re trying to do here right?

Something like this one which is very affordable would be a worthwhile investment if you don’t have one already.

A Vacuum Sealer

A vacuum sealer will keep the frost bite away from your delicious mealsA vacuum sealer will keep the frost bite away from your delicious meals

When you’re just starting out stick with the freezer storage bags. But when you decide that you want to freeze meals for your family every month you’re better off investing in one of these to really cut down on the risk of freezer burn.

It’s super EASY to use, just pop your food in the bag, line it up with the appliance and hit the button to have it suck all of the air out of the bag! Now your home cooked meal will be nice and safe in the freezer until you are ready to eat it!

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