Exploring Toddler Science Activities at Techniquest

If you’re looking for fun toddler activities then you can’t go wrong with a visit to Techniquest. Located in Cardiff Bay this huge science museum is fun for kids of all ages, but is the perfect place to go to experience some toddler science activities.

If you want to try out some science activities for toddlers head to Techniquest in Cardiff for a great family day out

Read our disclosure policyA couple of months ago we headed into Cardiff Bay to explore a little since we were over that way for the kids’ MeningitisB injections. We had a wonderful lunch at Ed’s Diner and then were disappointed that we couldn’t find anything else to do. It was cold and drizzling so we just drove back to Bristol.

Back home I stumbled on this post about Techniquest, and what would you know it’s just a minute’s walk from Ed’s Diner!

As we had to go back over to Cardiff for the Meningitis boosters we thought we’d make a visit to Techniquest to explore some toddler science activities with the kiddos.

We had our lunch at Ed’s again. The kids really enjoyed their hot dogs and were rocking out to the Elvis tunes playing on the juke box.

Then at about 12.30 we wandered around the corner to the museum. The woman at the ticket desk let us know that there were school parties in the museum that day but luckily we timed our visit just right, arriving while the first group were heading into the cafe for lunch and then leaving just before the second group came in. I think it may have been a little chaotic and overwhelming if we’d have been in at the same time as the school kids.

We had our Tippitoes Spark single buggies with us and opted to park one of them under the stairs where the school kids had left their backpacks. We could have left both buggies but I didn’t want to have to carry the nappy bag. There was lots of space around the exhibits so plenty of room for a double buggy if you needed to have one with you.

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Hands on science activities for toddlers

All of the activities are hands on; some were low enough for the kiddos to reach and interact with the experiments themselves, while for others we needed to lift them up.

Miss E loved the very first exhibit, where she pressed a button and bubbles rose up in the tube of water. Then she and Master J had to work together to operate a train set, you had to decide which buttons to press at the same time to make the train go around the track or to set off the buzzer.

Turning the wheel to generate electricity for the race track

They both loved the race track where Daddy and I had to turn a handle to generate the electricity so the cars could race around the circuit. Unfortunately Master J took a liking to the cars and was very upset when I told him they had to stay on the race track and no he couldn’t take them home!

Upstairs Daddy demonstrated how fast he could throw a ball, and we made music with our feet on a giant piano.

How fast can you throw a ball?

We all really enjoyed our time exploring the activities and I only wish it were nearer so we could go on a regular basis. They have toddler takeover days which I would love to take the kids to, they have themed activities as well as story telling and face painting.

If you’re anywhere near Cardiff and you’re interested in toddler science activities you definitely need to add Techniquest to your Must Visit list.

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