DIY Play Kitchens so Amazing You'll Want to Cook in Them Yourself!

DIY Play Kitchens so Amazing You’ll Want to Cook in Them Yourself!

Toy kitchens are a wonderful way to encourage imaginative play in girls and boys. If you haven’t got the budget for a store bought kitchen, or you’re put off by all the plastic, check out these amazing DIY play kitchens instead. Many of them have been created from old furniture. But it goes to show what a little love and imagination can create.

Heck these kitchens are so amazing you’ll want to cook in them instead of your own!


If your little girl or boy loves to cook check out these DIY play kitchens that don't cost a lot but will provide hours of fun and laughter!

Amazing DIY Play Kitchens

For more DIY play spaces for kids check out our Cardboard Playhouses!

How To: Make a Play Kitchen – This kitchen is a fabulous option for slightly older (and taller) children, and cost less than 30 bucks to make! I love the details of the splash back and the cute curtain.


Build a Cardboard Play Kitchen – This kitchen is the perfect height for a toddler and is made from recycled cardboard and some coat hangers.


Play Kitchen – Oh my goodness, this DIY kitchen is adorable, will you get a look at that over the hob microwave? And it has double sinks too!


Build a Simple Play Kitchen Stove – If you want to build your toy kitchen from scratch then check out these free plans, any little boy or girl would love this kitchen design!


How To Make A Homemade Play Kitchen (From A Cabinet) – For a minute there did you think you were looking at a real kitchen unit? Because I did! This one is made from an old cabinet and looks amazing. There are full step by step instructions, with photos, over on the blog.


Tres Chic Play Kitchen – Can I interest you in a kitchen complete with chandelier? Who wouldn’t want to do the washing up with a view of the Eiffel Tower from the window!


DIY Modern Play Kitchen – I don’t believe in gender roles when it comes to pretend play so I have no idea why manufacturers insist on making toy kitchens pink! Check out this very modern, gender neutral design that was made from two Ikea bedside cabinets!


“Manly” DIY Play Kitchen – Oh my goodness, here are some more Ikea nightstands that have had a kitchen makeover. I’ve seen apartments with worse kitchens than this!


DIY Play Kitchen: No Carpenter Skills Required – If you’re not very skilled at carpentry, or you just need a play kitchen in a hurry check out this adorable design. All you need is a table cloth and sharpie marker!


Play kitchen – Here’s another great option if you’re not very handy with a saw. Because all you need are some storage units and kitchen equipment, oh and a child with an imagination. I love this option because one day it’s a kitchen, the next it’s a grocery store, or the post office. The options for pretend play are endless!


DIY Play Kitchen – I love the colour scheme on this play kitchen, and the fact that it has better storage then my own. And check out the wall phone too!


Easy DIY Play Kitchen – Oh my. If you think this built in toy kitchen is just adorable then you have to hop over to the blog to take a closer look, because it’s part of a closet play house! Jealous?


Nora’s New DIY Play Kitchen! – Move over Little Tikes because Nora’s play kitchen is amazing! check out those fridge magnets, and the light over the sink area, oh and the window!


How To Make A Play Kitchen – If you haven’t got a lot of space then this DIY play kitchen is the perfect option for you. Upcycle an old cabinet from your home or find one on Freecycle.


Play Kitchen Renovation – I love the bright colours on this kitchen, but what I love even more is that it’s being played with by a second generation!


DIY play kitchen – Got an old entertainment centre lying around in your garage? How about giving it a new lease of life and transforming it into a play kitchen?


Upcycled Play Kitchen – What do you get when you mix an old filing cabinet with a sideboard and a little bit of love and imagination? This ADORABLE play kitchen!


IKEA Mini Kitchen Makeover (hack) – And if you’re now regretting buying that Ikea toy kitchen because you’ve seen so many adorable ones made from nightstands and bookcases, don’t worry. Because with a little bit of imagination you can turn that Ikea kitchen into something amazing too!

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Play kitchen accessories

Help your child bring their amazing play kitchen to life with these kitchen accessories.

Pretend play dinner set

Green Toys Dish Set – this set is made from recycled milk jugs so it’s environmentally friendly and sturdy too.

Pretend play tea set

Green Dish Tea Set – no kitchen is complete without a test set right? For all those wonderful afternoon tea parties.

Pretend play cookware set

Melissa & Doug Cookware Set – oh my goodness, it’s no surprise that this is the best selling kid’s cookware set on Amazon, you’d be forgiven for wanting to borrow this yourself. Have you seen that organising stand?

Pretend play cutting food set

Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Set – this food set is perfect for a pretend kitchen, and has the added benefit of helping your child learn all important cutting skills without a sharp knife in sight!

Have fun in that kitchen!

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DIY Play Kitchens so Amazing You'll Want to Cook in Them Yourself!

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