12 Ways to make cleaning fun for kids!

Do you feel like you spend hours cleaning your home, but it never actually looks tidy? That’s the one thing they don’t tell you about having kids, it’s like bringing a tornado into your home!

But remember the wise old words of that infamous Nanny, Mary Poppins:

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and – SNAP! – the job’s a game!”

Whether you’re Spring Cleaning or just every day cleaning there is no reason why the kids can’t get involved, especially if you make it fun.

I’ve been visiting my fellow Super Moms and I’ve pulled together some of their fabulous words of wisdom and tips to help you get the kids involved!

Love this - Ways to make cleaning fun so the kids will help!

How to make cleaning safe for kids

It's time to ditch your toxic cleaning products and go the natural route instead!

Before we jump into the fun element of cleaning with kids I just wanted to mention the safety element.

You might start out with simple chores like folding laundry or picking up toys. But at some point you’re going to want to let your kids help with washing the windows, or mopping the floors, or even wiping down the kitchen surfaces.

Before you hand over your bottles of cleaner check the back of them for an big red or black X.

That means that they’re not really safe for kids to use.

I’ve recently switched over to using Thieves Cleaner to clean our home and I feel so much happier knowing that I’m not using harsh chemical sprays anymore. The ingredients are all natural, and I can clean EVERYTHING with just one bottle of spray.

Seriously. It works in kitchen surfaces, ovens, sinks, showers, toilets, carpets, windows and even the fruit and veg!

And since it’s free of toxins the kiddos can clean with it too.

Just thought I’d share that discovery with you.

Now onto the tips for making cleaning into a game.

How to make cleaning fun for kids

  1. Spring Cleaning Family Style – Organized Island – I love Racquel’s idea of playing energizing music to help get everyone moving while they clean!
  2. How to Teach Children to Clean Their Rooms – One Creative Mommy – Heidi has some great tips, and a gorgeous free printable so the kids can see EXACTLy what they need to do!
  3. Spring Clean your Children’s Wardrobe – Mum In The Madhouse- Mum In The Madhouse – Jen has some tips for spring cleaning your children’s wardrobe, and this is definitely one your kids can help with.
  4. Why I Believe in Cleaning the House with Awake Kids – What’s Up Fagans – “I don’t want my children to think that a magical elf comes and cleans their house for them each and every night.” – Love this sentiment from Katelyn!
  5. 6 GREAT Tips for Teaching Kids How to Clean Up – The Educators’ Spin On It – Matea has some great tips including setting a good example, which I guess is something we all need to remember!
  6. Teaching Kids to Clean: Adventures in Vacuuming – Edventures with Kids – Jacquie has some advice on teaching kids how to vacuum, and even includes a free printable so they have a checklist to remind them what to do!
  7. Four in a Row: A Family Cleaning Game – Toddler Approved! – Oh and I LOVE this idea from Kristina of making a Four in a Row game!
  8. 24 Tips for Cleaning up Art Messes with Children – TinkerLab – Rachelle takes a closer look at how to get the kids to help clean up their own art messes.
  9. Turn Organizing into a Game and Your Kids Will Thank You – Alli has some fabulous ideas for how to turn cleaning into a game. Make it fun and the kids will want to help out right?
  10. Spring Cleaning with Kids – Edventures with Kids – Jacquie has some ideas for age appropriate chores, starting with three year olds.
  11. 3 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun for the Whole Family – Raising Lifelong Learners – Colleen has some ideas for encouraging the kiddos to get involved, including how to use rewards.
  12. 10 Awesome Ways to Make Cleaning FUN for Kids – Inner Child Fun – I love the first tip on this list, it’s perfect for kids who like to play dress up!

Have fun getting that house nice and clean!

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Love this - Ways to make cleaning fun so the kids will help!

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