Easy Crafts for Kids

Your kids will have a BALL making these fun but super EASY Crafts for Kids!

We have craft ideas for all occasions from Valentine’s through to Christmas and plenty of non-seasonal ideas too.

All the ideas in our collections have easy step by step instructions (and PICTURES) so you can show your child just what they can do.

Craft activities don’t just have to be a way to keep your child quiet on a Sunday afternoon. They’re also a FABULOUS way for you to spend time with them being CREATIVE and making MEMORIES!

Don’t worry if you’re not the crafty type. This isn’t about making something worthy of a gallery display, it’s about having FUN, testing out new ideas and letting your IMAGINATIONS run WILD!

Then when you’ve finished take a photo of your child’s creation to add to your photo album, or turn it into a gift which Grandma is sure to LOVE!

Oh and don’t forget to save this list to your Pinterest account so that you can find it again next time you need some craft ideas!

My little girl is just discovering a love of fairies so now seems like the perfect time to make a fairy garden together. I’ve spent the afternoon looking at all kinds of wonderful ways to make a fairy garden with your kids. From teeny teacup fairy gardens to huge bird bath gardens there are ideas of all shapes and sizes here to inspire you!

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