Easy Holiday Cookies Recipes that are Almost too Cute to Eat!

Easy Holiday Cookies Recipes that are Almost too Cute to Eat!

One of my favourite Holiday traditions is baking Christmas cookies to share with friends and family. I love how a simple Holiday cookie can become a wonderful baked gift idea, just by spending a little time and effort on the decorations.

This year I want to try some new ideas which is why I’ve been searching for easy holiday cookies recipes and as usual I’m sharing them here with you!

Easy Holiday Cookies Recipes that are Almost too Cute to Eat!

These Holiday cookies are almost too cute to eat!

  • A Tiny Gingerbread House that Perches on the Edge of Your Mug – Oh my goodness me – these are simply amazing! A teeny tiny gingerbread house that slots on the edge of your mug. Seriously if you have guests this Christmas that you want to impress you need to make these!
  • Rich and Buttery Shortbread – Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some buttery crumbly shortbread so I just had to share this recipe with you. It’s great for baking with kids because they can get stuck in and combine all of the ingredients with their hands.
  • Gingerbread Cookies – I love Gingerbread Men, and so does Miss E, so I was keen to find a recipe we could make this Christmas. For me the perfect Gingerbread Man has to be soft and chewy so this recipe fits the bill.
  • Stained Glass Cookies – These cookies are beautiful, I love how the coloured candy in the middle is translucent making them look just like stained glass. Don’t be put off my the 4th of July title on this recipe, just use red and green instead of red and blue and you have the perfect Christmas Stained Glass cookie!
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These Holiday cookies are almost too cute to eat!

  • Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies. – Oh these little reindeer cookies are super cute – I love those chocolate covered pretzel antlers! If you’re not a fan of peanut butter don’t worry you can just use plain cookie dough, or even gingerbread.
  • Holiday spice cookies – These spice cookies sound absolutely delicious, I love the smell of cinnamon, it just makes a place feel like Christmas!
  • Snowball cookies – Oh my, these cookies actually look like snowballs, which means when you bite into them you’re going to just get a mouthful of crumbly yummy cookiness…
  • Spiral Sugar Cookies – These cookies could be the talk of your party as guests will want to know how you made the swirl in the middle. If you want to know go check out the recipe!

These Holiday cookies are almost too cute to eat!

  • Jam Heart Biscuits – Make these a little more festive by swapping the heart cutter for a star or a Christmas tree and you’ve got yourself a wonderfully festive cookie that will make the perfect homemade baked gift for someone this Holiday Season.
  • Marshmallow Melted Snowman Cookies – These snowmen cookies made me giggle! They’d be just perfect for a kid’s Christmas party, especially for kiddos who are fans of Frozen.
  • Gingerbread Reindeer – While you’re whipping up a batch of Gingerbread Men this year save a few to decorate as reindeer instead. This idea is genius and so cute!
  • How to Make a Gingerbread Cookie Tree – If you’re looking for a centrepiece for your table this Christmas or an amazing baked gift for a special friend then you have to make this Tree. It’s absolutely stunning, so much so I wonder whether anyone could bare to take it apart and eat it!
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These Holiday cookies are almost too cute to eat!

  • Edible Christmas Tree Decorations – I love the idea of hanging beautiful star shaped cookies from my tree, but alas I think this year the kiddos would just eat them all, so maybe I’ll save this one until they’re older!
  • Snowman biscuits (Christmas cookies) – Oh these little guys are super cute and would be a perfect treat for little ones who love snowmen.

Happy baking!

p.s. you won’t want to miss this collection of Christmas Fun Food to eat alongside your cookies, or this Holiday Planner so you know when to bake the cookies as well as keeping track of all the other Holiday tasks you need to do!

~Clare, currently pinning to Christmas Recipes

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Oh my goodness these easy Holiday cookies recipes look almost too cute to eat!

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