How to survive the Back to School chaos

Does the thought of sending the kids back to school fill you with dread? Don’t worry, we’ve got some routines for the kids to help them share some of the chores, a whole month’s worth of school lunch ideas so you don’t bore them with PB&J sandwiches and some wonderful DIY gifts so they can show their teacher how much they were missed!

Does the thought of sending the kids back to school fill you with dread? Don't worry, we've got some routines for the kids to help them share some of the chores, a whole month's worth of school lunch ideas so you don't bore them with PB&J sandwiches and some wonderful DIY gifts so they can show their teacher how much they were missed!

Healthy Kid Friendly Recipes

Egg breakfast recipes

These egg breakfast recipes are perfect breakfast ideas for kids

Eggs are a wonderful way to start the school day because not only are they healthy and delicious but they are full of protein so they’ll fill up those energy tanks. We’ve rounded up some delicious egg breakfast recipes that are easy for you to make, and the kids will love to eat!

Easy smoothie recipes

12 easy smoothie recipes that make great breakfast ideas for kids - read it now!

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sometimes if you have a busy morning it’s hard to find time to actually sit down and eat. That’s why smoothies are so brilliant, make them up the night before and then the kids can just grab a bottle full of healthy yumminess and drink it on the way to school.

Here are some easy smoothie recipes to get your day off to an easy start.

One whole month of school lunch ideas

One whole month of back to school lunch ideas!

Do you struggle to come up with ideas for the kid’s lunch boxes? If they complain about eating cheese sandwiches every day then we have the solution for you. We’ve rounded up a whole months’ worth of school lunch ideas and many of them can be made in advance to make your mornings even easier.

30 minute dinners

10 Kid Friendly 30 minute meals

Do your kids have lots of after school activities? It can be difficult to get a healthy meal on the table when you don’t get home until late, which is why these 30 minute dinner recipes are so handy. While the kids are off doing their chores or starting homework you can put together a healthy kid friendly meal that the whole family can enjoy together.

Managing your home

Back to school routines for kids

Routines are the key to a smoothly running household. They establish expectations for behavior and responsibility. During the school year, having established routines at home for getting ready for school, homework, and bedtime ensure that most of the time, things will get done. Sometimes, on a crazy, busy day, a routine can make the difference between an overwhelmed parent and a stressed parent who gets almost everything taken care of.

School days can be so stressful, especially if your children want to watch TV or play video games before they head out the door. In this wonderful guest post from my Organisational Superstar friend Barb she shares how she keeps her home running smoothly by giving her children the gift of responsibility and their own routines.

Tips from our readers

Back to school tips

Some wonderful back to school tips to get you off to a flying start!

This month our readers shared some wonderful back to school tips at the Super Mommy Club Party. I’ve rounded them all up into this Back to school tips post for you.

Family Fun Time

Back to school teacher gifts to show them how much you care

Are your children excited to go back to school to see their favourite teacher? Why not spend some time making one of these wonderful back to school teacher gifts to show their teacher how special they are.

UK Back to school giveaway #BlockThatCold

#BlockThatCold for back to school

Have you ever noticed that as soon as your send your kiddos back to school the whole family starts snuffling and sneezing. August and September is when those cold bugs start coming back into our lives.

You can help your kids keep the germs at bay by washing their hands regularly and using a tissue to wipe their nose, rather than their shirt sleeve!

You might also want to check out the Cold & Flu Block from NasalGuard. I’ve been asked to put this drug free, non-drowsy cold and flu prevention gel to the test to see if it can keep us cold and flu free this back to school season.

The tiny tube holds a surprising 150 applications of ointment. You just put a small amount across your upper lip and nostrils every four to six hours and it should form an invisible barrier against those annoying germs.

Unfortunately Master J developed a cold before we had a chance to get started, so I’ll be testing it out on me and Miss E.

You can find out more about the #BlockThatCold challenge over on Twitter.

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary tube of Cold & Flu Block so that I could do an honest review. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity. I have not been paid to host this giveaway.[/div]

Back to school freebies

We’ve rounded up 15 wonderful back to school freebies for you this month, from checklists and planners to back to school photo signs and interview sheets.

  1. After school checklist from Pretty Providence
  2. Back to school word search from Superheroes and Teacups
  3. Back to homeschool board game from Embracing Him
  4. A back to school planner for mum from Scattered Squirrel
  5. Back to school menu planning printable from 3 Boys and a Dog
  6. Preschool homeschool planner from Learning to Walk
  7. Flashcards for learning shapes from Look! We’re Learning!
  8. Scissor practice for PreK from Golden Reflections Blog
  9. Lesson plans for BOB books from This Reading Mama
  10. All about me printable from Not Consumed
  11. Shapes, counting and colours busy bag from Powerful Mothering
  12. Monthly homeschool planning notes from Are We There Yet?
  13. Back to school printable interview sheets from Tatertots & Jello
  14. Lunch box love notes from How Does She?
  15. Back to school K3 activity pack from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom


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Wishing you a wonderful Back to School Season!

Clare, Miss E and Master J

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